People will ask me, why did you write a book?

People will ask me, "why did you write a book?" and this is why …

From my new friend, Tom Paul

Good Morning, Janet and Don. I wanted to get back to you to tell you how sorry I am how long it has taken to make time to sit down and read your book. No saying sorry to you so much but sorry to myself for loosing out on the value that are in the few but well written pages. It took me longer because I read slow and I took notes on every page (well up until I started writing EVERY WORD you wrote lol) I find it more than a gift of a materialistic item but a true gift to and from the heart and mind. I will keep my notes (turn some into blank business cards) and your book near-by so I can refer and reflect on the nuggets of you dropped like breadcrumbs on my personal road to success. I can not thank you enough for the book and so look forward to seeing you guys in a few days. I actually started reading it out-loud at the dinning table so Tamarah (and her grandchildren – who also enjoyed it).

This is why I wrote my little book … this fills my heart with JOY!

If you don’t have your autographed copy yet, you can get one here:

Get Stuck On Happy – 30 Ways To Change Your Thoughts And Live A Happier Life

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